2009 Woodhill 100 Offroad Race

Grant competed in the 2009 Woodhill 100 offroad racing event and placed 2nd in class (class 8).


The Woodhill 100 is New Zealand's oldest offroad racing event.

A race distance of 224 km (100-Miles) with laps of 28 km, it is held on the sand tracks and fast logging roads of Woodhill Forest since the early 1980s with race teams often rating it as their greatest challenge in any competition year. The course switches from 200 km/h logging "highways" to sandy, bumpy one-lane tracks under the pine trees almost without warning; salt spray drifts across the fastest sections from the nearby beach.

In 2009 Grant Guy earned a good placing in this racing event, said to have been one of the fastest in many years due to roading work carried out by the forest owners as they log mature pine trees that have long cloaked the deep sand tracks that were the unique punishment reserved for racers in the annual event.

It has long been recognised as the hardest race in the sport to win outright, and many drivers say simply reaching the finish of the race is noteworthy when attrition rates customarily run well above 50 per cent.

New logging roads made some of the toughest sections into high speed roller-coaster rides for the top teams. 


Grant says "With 35 competitors this year, finishing 2nd in class  8 and 8th overall was a great result when you think nearly 60% of the racing trucks or cars didn't finish the race!"

 "On the first few laps, 3rd gear over the sand sections meant very fast times but as the track become more cut-up from all the traffic it quickly became a struggle even in 1st gear"

"The straight sections saw speeds of up to 160km, a blistering offroad racing pace"