Grant shares answers to FAQs raised by his customers.

Diesel Smoke - WOF Failure?

Posted on 15 August 2009

Why diesel engines smoke and what that means for servicing them or possibly failing your next WOF.

Service Cars and 4WDs?

Posted on 14 August 2009

G. Guy Motors has a professional workshop for servicing 4WD and non-4WD vehicles.

Where to go 4Wheeling?

Posted on 12 August 2009

Access to good quality offroad tracks is always a hot topic for discussion, particularly when 4X4 drivers see more and more land locked away from the hobby and sport.

What 4WD should I buy?

Posted on 3 August 2009

We hear that question several times a week from prospective purchasers of new and used 4WD's.

Why is the 40,000km Service so Critical?

Posted on 3 August 2009

For just about every 4WD vehicle make and model the 40,000km Service is a comprehensive preventative maintenance service that safe-guards your vehicle's future mechanical life.

What is that new Gearbox noise?

Posted on 3 August 2009

If your 4WD has traveled more than 160,000 kms then have the transmission checked for any worn bearing.