Cross Country 4x4 High-Performance Intercooler Kits with PWR Cores

G Guy Motors are proud to launch an extensive new range of high-performance Intercooler kits to New Zealand that have proven effective in delivering huge power increases while being bullet-proof reliable.

Whether it's a standalone Front Mounted InterCooler (FMIC) kit or a Top Mounted InterCooler (TMIC) kit you can rest assured that these industry-leading kits have been skillfully assembled to deliver the results!

"These are custom made to withstand the harsh environment 4Wheelers throw at our vehicles“ built tough and built to perform

Designed specifically for each vehicle model you benefit from having a kit built to the finest of tolerances to maximise the best power curve to suit your needs. All of the Intercooler kits have had countless hours of R&D work done to ensure that they will outperform other coolers for cost effectiveness, performance and durability. 

Intercooler System Features:

G Guy Motors can fit these kits, or they can supplied as a DIY kit with everything you require to fit a cooler system included, designed with installation ease in mind.

GGuy Motors chose to offer these Intercooler kits manufactured by Cross Country 4x4 because, like us they have had a great deal of off-road racing experience and have tested their kits against their competitors in harshest of environments without a single failure. That is why we are so confident in offering these Intercooler kits to our customers.

The quality offered by Cross Country 4x4 is outstanding and industry leading.

Be assured that these Intercooler kits have been put through their paces, tested on and off-road by 4x4 enthusiasts in fact we have fitted one to our own G Guy Motors demo vehicle.

"We were so impressed with built quality of the kit we tested the power increase using a dynamometer to measure the maximum power before and after the kit was fitted the full review is given in our 4x4 Drivers Club Newsletter available on our Website.

You can rest assured that when you purchase an intercooler system you have invested your hard earned dollars in the leading edge of 4x4 cooler kits on the market. Designed by 4x4 enthusiasts, tested by 4x4 enthusiasts and backed 100% by 4x4 enthusiasts.

High-Performance 4x4 Intercooler kits are available for the following vehicles:

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